• Fee Structure
  • • We offer a free initial case consultation • Our fee structures are designed to meet your needs. • We work on a LOW HOURLY FEE basis. • We are NOT high priced attorneys.

  • Why Choose Us
  • • A high priced lawyer is NOT required. • We are experienced as OWCP Claims Examiners. • We consistently win cases at all 3 appeal levels.
    • We care whether you win or lose. • We serve with integrity and a strong focus on customer service. • We return calls within 24 Hours.
  • Our Mission
  • "Life's greatest gift is the opportunity to work hard at work worth doing."— Teddy Roosevelt
    • Our mission is to work hard for you.
  • Testimonials
  • "I so appreciate your knowledge and experience. I feel a big hurdle has been lifted just advising you of where we are on my case or rather cases."
    — Patty, G. See more testimonials.

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Boylan and Associates represents injured Federal employees. Retired OWCP Claims Examiners with years of experience helping individuals with Federal worker’s compensation.

We also have a retired Legal Assistant to a Federal Administrative Law Judge, Social Security Administration, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review on staff.

Lonnie retired from the Department of Labor, Office of Workers Compensation. Following a year of retirement, he decided to go back to work with a law firm specializing in OWCP cases until he decided to retire once again. His goal is to provide a quality, low-cost alternative to high priced attorneys, their staff and huge overheads.

We work on a LOW HOURLY FEE basis and are NOT high priced attorneys.



Don’t fall for the myth that a lawyer is required. Lonnie was hired by a law firm because of his experience as an OWCP Journeyman Claims Examiner. His job was to manage all OWCP cases. He built the law firm’s OWCP clientele, consistently winning cases at all 3 appeal levels. While employed with the law firm, he was instructed time and time again not to take cases personally. He was advised that the firm did not care whether he won or lost because the bottom line was that the client would have closure, win or lose. It is because of his desire to win for his fellow Federal employees and his desire to serve with integrity that we decided to fulfill our dream, step out in faith and start our own business as Boylan and Associates.