Office of Workers Compensation Program Advocate Services

1. Initial
Filings of:
A. CA-1 – Traumatic Injury
B. CA-2 – Occupational Disease or Illness Claims
C. CA-2A – Recurrences
D. CA-7, CA-7a & CA-7b – Filings for Compensation
E. CA-915 Out of Pocket Medical Reimbursement
F. CA-957 Medical Travel Reimbursement

2. Appeals
A. Review of Written Record or Oral Hearing
B. Reconsiderations
C. Employee Compensation Appeal Board

3. Controversion of COP

If the Agency challenges your claim, you will not get COD until your claim is accepted.

4. Adding additional medical conditions

An Examiner will not add additional medical conditions at a later time on their own volition.

5. Aggravation to Pre-Existing Conditions

Example No. 1: Mr. X has a Degenerative Disc Disease. Mr. X fell at work and it aggravated his Degenerative Disc Disease to such an extent he could not work. This scenario is compensable.

6. Consequential Injuries

Example No. 2: Mr. X has a work related left shoulder injury. As a result, he is overcompensating with his right shoulder. As a consequence, he has injured his right shoulder. This scenario is compensable.

7. Vocational Rehabilitation Process
See Vocational Rehabilitation Post.

8. Office of Personnel Management Disability Retirement

You are entitled to elect between OPM and FECA benefits. You cannot receive OPM Disability, FECA Benefits or SSA Benefits concurrently.