I can’t even begin to describe how much Mr. Boylan and Marie Boylan have meant to me. They’ve fought my battles and so far, I am doing great. He’s accomplished everything he set out to do. Because he retired from the OWCP as a Claims Examiner, he knows it inside and out. Nothing gets by him. I am so thankful for the help that I have gotten from them. Thank Goodness for Mr. Boylan! Honest, kind and the sharpest knife in the drawer!. I don’t want more than I am due, but I want what the law promised.

Steven, V, AR

Thank you Marie and Lonnie
I want to reiterate my gratitude towards you both and let you know how much more peaceful my life is since you have been handling my case. Have a great weekend!

Andy B., GA

Thank you for sticking with me throughout the entire process. Again, I would have never made it this far if it were not for the both of you.

Diego J., CA

Thank You So Much! I can’t thank you guys enough! I found out today that they accepted my amputation as an accepted condition. I fought for 14 years with this thing but once I brought you into the picture, my condition was accepted. Before you, I had been denied my prosthetic and inpatient care. The hospital actually said I had to leave. With you, I now have my prosthetic and inpatient care. Thank you so much!

— Robyn, Washington, D.C.

My name is Jim D and I’m from McAlester, OK. I was injured at a federal facility in my hometown in 1992. I fought workers comp and my work facility for about 20 years to no avail. They would pay my comp for a while, put me on light duty for a while then lay me off and cancel my comp. This went on for about 15 years. In 2006, they laid me off and cancelled my comp again.

I have a back, neck and knee injury and can’t even stand long enough to do my dishes. I could find no attorneys in Oklahoma who handled Workman’s Comp cases. I sent letter after letter to Congressmen and State Senators and some of them helped me get my comp back only long enough to go back to light duty where I would get laid off and my comp cancelled again.

In 2012, I went with my son to look at a motorcycle that he wanted to buy. It turns out that the guy selling it was injured at the same facility that I was and couldn’t ride it anymore. The only difference between he and I was that he was drawing his comp. He gave me a card with a husband and wife team; Boylan and Associates, Lonnie and Marie Boylan!

I called them in March of 2012 and found out that Lonnie was retired from OWCP and Marie from the Social Security Administration. Lonnie has another retired OWCP Claims Examiner working with him. This firm is fighting for injured federal workers. They took my case in February 2013 and got me back pay from 2006 to 2013! Big Bucks! Now, OWCP is paying me my monthly compensation.

Thanks God for getting me to good Christian people like Lonnie and Marie. I will never forget what they did for me. So if you need help, give them a call. You will be glad you did. God bless them both. Sincerely,
— Jim D.

I really do not have words to thank you for taking my case. Team Boylan has been so successful through this arduous process, seemingly designed to discourage injured workers when most vulnerable. After I was injured, I had very limited guidance in how to proceed with getting the help I needed. I felt like I was on a two-year journey without a map. I sought counsel from attorneys who basically talked down to me and made it seem as though I had done something wrong. At the time, I didn’t have the energy to stand up for myself. Honestly, I was a bit embarrassed to have gotten injured even though it was totally not my fault. Anyway, after two years of trying to navigate the system, my wonderful daughter found Team Boylan online and things changed drastically for me. Thank you for working so diligently on my behalf. I would recommend you highly to any Federal employee in need. Thanks.

— Bonnie, FL

The OWCP was literally stomping all over us at every turn. They had us outnumbered, outmaneuvered, and more regulations than Carter has Liver Pills. We just couldn’t cope. We were very close to nervous breakdowns, I think. We were at our wit’s end trying to navigate through the chaos and boiling cauldron of OWCP. I got in contact with Mr. Boylan and asked him for help. From that day forward, we could finally sleep. I couldn’t remember what it was like to sleep peacefully, and now I am. Mr. Boylan has years of experience in this business…their business…and he knows his stuff. We quickly went to getting justice! He won quite a few battles for us. Suddenly we’re being helped… I know it’s because we have Mr. Boylan on our side. Things have certainly turned around. I can’t say enough about not only Mr. Boylan, but his colleague, Marie Boylan. She’s simply fantastic. They are a team to be reckoned with. We just want fair…and Mr. Boylan is the one to duke it out for you!!! I highly recommend them.

Karen T., AR

In September 2014, I became afflicted with a very serious infectious disease. I did not know the trouble that I would have with the Department of Labor (OWCP). I have been a Federal Agent for the past 20 years and had completed the basic CA-1 and CA-2 for station employees but I was not well aware of all the requirements in order to just get a case submitted and accepted. My initial case was denied in January of 2015. I was then referred to Boylan and Associates, Dallas, TX. Mr. Boylan completed all the required documentation and assisted my physician with the FECA Requirements for a comprehensive report to submit with my Reconsideration Appeal to the OWCP. Everything Mr. Boylan did was very well written and very professional. My Reconsideration Appeal was submitted in January 2017. We received a decision dated April 3, 2017 accepting my case for Tuberculosis of Lung. Mr. Boylan prevailed! This case was very important to me and my family and Mr. Boylan handled it very seriously. The fee that Boylan and Associates charges is also very reasonable considering all the hours they had to work on my case just to be able to submit the appeal. I thank Boylan and Associates for all of their hard work!!! Great Job!!!

— Francisco Y. (USBP — Retired), TX

Thank you. You won my Reconsideration Appeal and my case was accepted. It made sense to me that you would retain a Retired Journeyman Quality Case Management Claims Examiner to represent you versus an Attorney with no hands-on experience. I am so glad that I did!

— Margaret, NY

Marie and Lonnie: Thank you. It is a pleasure working with folks like you!

Behavioral Health Services
Minnerapolis, MN

OMG!!! Now it all makes sense. I want to thank you so much for what you did for me; it is priceless. You were successful with getting my case expanded and getting rescinded conditions added back onto my case. How I wished I had found you a long time ago. I am now receiving the medical treatment that I have needed. I had tried so many times on my own and kept failing. When I first talked with you, you explained to me what you would need to do to get my case expanded and no-one had ever explained that to me before. Plus, when I told you that I never received a letter saying that accepted conditions had been removed, you assured me that you would work hard to get those added back on. You did it! There are no words that can express how thankful I am to you. So glad you do what you do.

— Erica, WA

Well, I came to you with a mess of a case, but you resolved it with 2 Reconsideration Appeal wins. I really thought I knew what I was doing but just kept making a mess of things. Anyone out there that thinks handling your own case with the OWCP is an easy thing, just try it. You got my lost wages paid. When you can’t get your case accepted, can’t get the medical therapy you need and have bill collectors ringing your phone constantly, you need to call Boylan and Associates. Even after all that, you helped me with bill collectors and hospitals harassing me because the bills had not been paid. You didn’t have to do that, but you did. I will never forget you for what you did for me. Thank you.

— Lisa V., GA

Thank you for taking my case and helping me! I read over what you sent to the HR Department after their adversarial treatment of me and I about cried. A man does not want to cry but I about did. Thank goodness there is another individual out there willing to hold the OWCP accountable. You got me monetarily compensated and the conditions added. My job required me to do that with contractors and I didn’t allow them to get out of hand! I have had so much pressure put on me by my agency and the OWCP until I retained you. You really believe in the scripture you quote! Thanks so much! Again, many thanks.

— N. Pearson, OK

You did a fantastic job and hit it out of the park. It has been like you were living in my shoes. I can’t imagine what your follow up will be, but I do know whatever it is I will only get better. You have a blessed weekend.

— Ron M., LA

These people care. They will go that extra mile to help you get all the benefits you are deserving of. When my co-worker and friend phoned you about my case, I could not get paid monetary compensation nor could my physician get my surgery authorized. Once I hired your office, surgery was approved and I was placed on the periodic rolls. After months of physical therapy, I returned to work at full duty so I filed for a schedule award and received a denial decision on the schedule award. You explained that it was because the DMA found that my doctor had calculated my impairment rating incorrectly. Something about the calculation given by my doctor was incorrect based on all the medical documentation contained in my case file. Although it was not in the fee agreement, you appealed this schedule award denial to the ECAB with a revised impairment rating report. It was a win because the ECAB ordered the district office to further develop my case with a second opinion. Today, I got my award letter and I am being paid based on a 17% impairment rating. This is big money for my family. It does not even come close to the flat rate fee amount that you charged to me. It will be a great Christmas for my family. I am so thankful that I listened to my coworker whose case you won for him. You and Marie went above and beyond. I shall never forget your kindness to me and my family.

— Orria, TX

Your firm was referred to me by my physician and I am so grateful to my doctor. for that. You said the way to go with my case was an ECAB. You did say that you usually always do a Reconsideration Appeal first and I wanted to argue with you to do that first, but it took only 5 minutes when talking with you for me to know that I could trust what you told me and I trusted you on this. You were Right!!! You won that ECAB Appeal!! My agency had terminated me and the OWCP eventually terminated my monetary compensation and my medical benefits. I was unjustly without benefits for a long period of time – until you. Once you won the ECAB, you stayed on top of the district office until my compensation was reinstated and I was paid retroactive to the date of the termination. Thank you so much!

— Jensen

Something funny to tell you! Well, it looks like out of all the outlying Tobyhanna locations, there is one location that the RIF did not hit. Every Location except this one Fort still has people on the RIF list. I was told that it is because of all the issues regarding legal situations that we were removed. The other 3 guys told me to tell you thanks for screwing with them. So, I am passing on the thank you to you. Whatever you did, they are not touching any of our guys here, including me. This just shows that they know they were not doing things correctly and do not want anyone to challenge them, especially you!

— Name not to be disclosed

You won my ECAB and everyone told me how hard that would be to do!! I honestly had no hope because so many people told me that ECABs can’t be won. You said it was a partial win because the case was remanded back to the district office for further action but all I know is that the condition was added, and I am now receiving medical treatment and being paid monetary compensation. What impressed me the most was that you had to fight so hard after the ECAB decision. You finally got the district office to take action and even after the Sr. CE found my injury was work related, you had to battle the CE to get the condition added. Boy, did you get fired up. I wanted to write this for your website, so others will know that you don’t quit. You fight for people like me. You got that condition added and me on the rolls. I felt so helpless. Now, I can focus on my recovery and that is all that I ever wanted. Thank you and Mrs. Boylan for all you two do for people like me.

— Downs, TX

In our first discussion, you said, “there is a light at the end of the tunnel” and I can’t tell you why, but that is when I knew that you were my hope and I decided to hire you. I felt so desperate and did not know who I could trust but that one last thing you said to me made me realize that you were the one that could help me. I will never understand how the OWCP accepted my case for only a “strain” when I knew and my doctors knew it was so much worse than that. You did not seem surprised and outlined what would have to be done to overcome that problem and get surgery approved. You worked hard and did get my case expanded for 3 new conditions and surgery authorized. I returned to work but was reinjured. I was really apprehensive about phoning you about this but you and Marie just stepped right in to get me placed back onto the periodic rolls and to get me more medical treatment. It’s easy for me to type this but a battle for you to deal with. You have never made me feel like I am just a burden. Unlike others, I never had any other representation before you but I cannot imagine anyone else out there being as kind and caring as you and Marie have been to me. At times, I just have wanted to give up but you both took over so I didn’t have to. What a blessing you have been to me and my family. Thank you.

— Donald G.

I am so very happy and feel so thankful. I thank the Lord for leading me to you as I had no idea what to do. I don’t think I’d ever want to be a Claims Examiner when you and Lonnie are on my tail. I am so glad and thankful of your desire to help me. Thank you 100x’s over.

— Andy, NM

Thank you so much for taking my case and your expeditious handling of my case. Believe it or not, when I first talked to Mr. Boylan I was convinced that “he” was indeed the one I needed to have as my representative. The whole OWCP process is so convoluted and hard to navigate. You won for me. Lonnie is wonderful. I’m so glad I found you both.

— Sonya

You are “the real deal” and I want others to know it! I came to you not knowing what was going on or why. All I knew was that my case had been transferred to another office and that office decided my case had been accepted incorrectly and denied my lost wages for failure to establish causal relationship. I had a family depending on my income and the monetary payments had stopped. Thank God my wife had a job. I can’t imagine what we would have done without that. At first, I was shocked and then I got mad. It was then that I found you on the internet. I thought I was persistent, but I don’t compare to you. You never gave up. You had pre-warned me that we may not win the reconsideration appeal and you were right. But you did win the ECAB for me. My monetary compensation was reinstated, and I can breathe again. Keep doing for others what you did for me.

— David K., TX

Thank you, Mr. Lonnie! You won for me! Keep fighting for those who cannot fight fully for themselves. And thank you again for your time and expertise. God Bless.

— Dwayne, AK

I have appreciated everything you and Lonnie have done on our behalf! I am sending a co-worker to you who, like us before you, cannot get monetary compensation paid. I know the amount of thought, time, stress and worry that goes into working our case and I told my co-worker that he could not find anyone better out there. I know that you and Lonnie take your job to heart for the clients you represent. That’s why we chose you! I put my illness and livelihood in God’s hands and he told us to put our trust in you. Thank you very much and enjoy your weekend. The weather is beautiful!

— Jackie

Thank you for taking my case. I had the OWCP telling me that medical evidence was not sufficient to accept my case, I had my agency telling me that because my case had been denied, they did not have to provide accommodations and all I knew is that I could not see well enough to do my job! I had a bad fall which affected my vision, and no-one would listen. I had doctors that the OWCP said had not provided the type of medical report that it took to get a case accepted and I was scared. I was so scared until I found your website. I just knew that if anyone could do it, it would be someone that had worked for the OWCP and understood FECA. You were so calm and patient when I phoned you and explained everything that would need to be done to get my accepted. You took my case and worked it until we won on Reconsideration. I am so grateful. When I went online that day to try and locate a representative, I had lost all hope. It does get to a point where a person just gives up on fighting and will do anything to find the right person that understands the OWCP. That is where I was when I found you. Keep doing what you do for others. You are the best.

— Nancy, IL

Boylan and Associates got my case accepted and my conditions added. They’re a great asset to Federal employees with workers comp issues. Not to mention, great Christians. I recommend this office to anyone that is dealing with the OWCP. Thank you both.

— John, TX

You are batting 1,000 on my case!!! 3 Wins with this case. I cannot thank you enough. All conditions have now been added and the two surgeries that I needed completed. When my agency tried to get me back to work before I was ready, you worked that part of it which resulted with me getting some more time to recover. There is hope for me to get better and it’s all due to your hard work. So glad that you were referred to me.

— James D., TX

Thank you, Marie and Lonnie. You both have been very patient and wonderful…. I will tell all my ex-coworkers about you and Lonnie when they bring up issues regarding OWCP.

— Frank, TX

I just want you to know that I thank you for your determination that resulted with the ECAB Board remanding my case back to the district office for further development. I have decided not to go forward with this case because my health has improved since we filed and I have entered into a new career path but I will forever be grateful for what you both did. You were there for me and you did what you said you felt you could do. I will always be grateful for that.

— Beres I., VA

Marie. You and Lonnie are amazing people!!! You have a huge caseload but you treat us like we’re your top priority! Dr. offices could learn a lesson or two from you guys. Again, Thank You!!

— Pearson, OK

Thank you for your reply. Lonnie was a breath of fresh “HONEST” air. I thank him again for his guidance and the sharing of his knowledge. WOW, what a resource. I wish for you and your whole office to be blessed by God.

— R. Christy

I want to thank you so much for pointing me in the correct directions with OWCP. Today I received a letter announcing the award of my schedule award, 23% for the left arm and 10% for the right arm/hand. Earlier I was awarded back pay from time of the accident until my doctor released me for work, over 5 months’ pay. Your advice with one free consultation was this valuable. I will refer anyone that I know to you.

— J. Miles, WA

Wow! Thank you sincerely for all the information you provided to me. Words alone cannot express my deepest appreciation. Tomorrow, I will go to work and I will send my supervisor the information you forwarded to me. I will keep you updated. Again, thank you.

— Elaine J. Ohio

Thank you very much for taking your time and giving me the right information. I say this because of the biblical verse you added. This showed to me that I went to the right people. The glory is for my Lord Jesus who guided me to you. God bless you all!

— David M., CA

Hello. Hope your time away on this holiday was positive and restful. God has been good to us. You guys are part of that. We are taking things a day at a time. That’s all anyone can do. Thanks again for all your hard work.

— Rob

Hi Lonnie, the day I fell I lost so much. A high paying career that I worked so hard to achieve in my 50’s. It meant the world to me and I was proud of what I did to help our veterans. I achieved this late in life. The stairs were wet with snow and gravel and I fell through no fault of my own not to mention enduring the horrific OWCP process. Not playing the victim just presenting facts. You did not take my case but I told you that I wanted to write a testimonial for you because of the information you gave to me and your honesty. When I decided to hire you, I wanted you to assure me that you would be successful with the outcome of my case and you said you could not do that. You were honest. I did not understand the OWCP process and I was unaware that a person can be returned to work and taken off the rolls at the age of 70 or go to voc rehab where my pay would be reduced. With my education and work history, you explained it could be reduced to zero. The most important thing for me would have been having someone to just explain that electing FECA instead of FERS does not replace your retirement but only lasts through your injury. My Union Rep nor anyone ever explained that to me. Now, at my age, electing FERS is impossible. I am joining the Senior Lobbyist group in Colorado and because of your info maybe I can help other seniors with the information you gave to me. I believe this will help many.

— Donna S., CO

Thank you so much for your detailed information after reviewing my decision. I did return to work on light duty. You are a brilliant man and I have told a lot of people about you who are suffering. Hope you don’t mind. Thanks, and God Bless You!

— Trio

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done for me and my family in regard to my injury getting accepted. I will forever be indebted to you. Both of you were so pleasant to work with. You treat people with dignity and respect and you are a true testimony of humbly serving one another in love (Galatians 5:13). It has been such a blessing working with you both. As I move on to the next chapter of my life. I will no longer require your kind services. Once again, thank you for everything. God Bless You and Your Family.

— G. Johnson, MI

You guys are so wonderful. It seems whenever I need you, you are there for me. I really appreciate you in my corner.

— C. Lewis, WA

Dear Mr. Boylan,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge with me today. I thank you for taking the time to tell me not only more about the OWCP process, but for giving me options on the best route to proceed with. The average representative would have charged a fee just for what you shared with me today. I have been searching for someone on the internet to assist me in my OWCP case who not only had a fair price, but more importantly for someone who knew the OWCP process inside out and you possess both. It was like talking to a Claims Examiner who “is totally on your side” with no hidden agendas. This is a rare find. You can count on me to be your #1 referral to all I know who are going through the frustrating OWCP process. May God Bless and keep you for your kind heart.

— Yolanda, CA

I have a federal job and hurt my knee during work and needed surgery, when it came time to pay me back for the surgery that I very much needed, I was given the run around for months until I contacted Lonnie and Marie. I was so fortunate in finding them, they were persistent and really let you know that they were on top of things and had everything covered. I got the money I was owed after Lonnie relentlessly advocated for me. Between the sweet spirit of Marie and the tenacious character of Lonnie I don’t see why anyone would not hire them. Thank you guys for all those hours of hard work.

— Jessica, NC

Mr. Boylan: I want to sincerely thank you for what you have done for me and what you have agreed to do again for me. Three Wins you did for me. Win One, case expanded, Win Two, Reconsideration Appeal and Win Three, 2 additional conditions added. You know your stuff. Some things occurred where I needed to file a new claim so I have retained you twice. The hours your spent on my first claim far surpassed the flat fee amount that you charged me. I thought that I could handle the second claim but found out quick OWCP is not for me. You have a fighting spirit that this ole boy in Texas needs.

— Herschel, TX

I just learned more about the OWCP process in the few minutes it took to read your emails than I did during the entire claims process. I just cannot thank you enough for responding. I know you didn’t have to but you did. If I dropped my lawyer, would you be interested in representing my case? For me, it is much more than an OWCP case, it is my life, my future and my health. As I explained to you, a doctor looked at my latest MRI report from 2009 and gasped at how bad it is. I need medical attention but area doctors turn me away due to my injury claim and the coercion. Either way, I want others out there to know that you responded to me when you did not have to. I have felt very depressed over all of this and you saw that right away and we discussed depression. You have been fantastic.

— Michael M., LA

The second opinion doctor was a very nice man and older than the three of us put together. Marie, you and Lonnie are Rock-Stars!!! I haven’t been through much, but I want to find out about the part that makes your pay whole when you are making approximately $10.00 an hour with the amount of work that you do for us. I love you guys and trust you.

Give that Ol’ Texan a smooch for the Fatkid!

— Big John, MA

Mr. Boylan: I wanted to write this so others will know the person that I met today on the telephone. You were kind, compassionate and caring. I did a dumb thing which resulted with Postal Inspectors reviewing my OWCP Case Documents and charging me with fraud and going to trial. It did not end well.

The examiner today stated that he was mailing a decision and that I would not be on medical care for much longer. I did a dumb thing with trusting someone else to handle my OWCP claim. How I wished I had found you before all of this happened. You gave me so much information and feel there is a condition that I suffer with that could assist in my appeal. You told me step by step how to appeal this, the medical that I need to obtain, how to order my case file and how to ecomp documents to the OWCP.

I think what most touched my heart is that I was ready to pay you to take my case and you said that, unlike others, you would not accept a case unless you were 90% certain that you could win it. You said that because you could not tell me that you were 90% certain you could win my case so you refused to steal my money. Am I happy to hear that, of course not, but you spent at least 2 hours of your time on the phone with me telling me how to best proceed for free. I have a lot of hope after talking with you.

I just want others to know that you are “for real” and I know of no-one else that I could have phoned today and that would have done for me what you did for me today. I just want others to know that everything these others say about you is true. I would recommend anyone to phone Mr. Boylan and then you will see what I experienced today. God bless you, Mr. Boylan.

— D.M. Cummings, GA

Marie, I just finished reading the Request for Review of Written Record Appeal. It is absolutely splendid. I want to thank Lonnie for the diligent work. To know that Lonnie are helping me with this request is such a great blessing. I want to thank God for getting me to you and to good Christian people. “But those who trust in the LORD will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.”

May God continued to bless you and Lonnie. Happy Easter to you and your family as we celebrate our Father’s greatest sacrifice through his Son, Jesus Christ. Have a blessed Easter.

Thank you and God bless you,

— Ms. Diaz, TX

Great Work Mr. Boylan! I went through another representative who spent a lot of my time and money with no results. I was in need of surgery and my doctor could not get it approved. All I knew was that I was in a lot of pain and no-one was listening to me.

You were referred to me by a co-worker whom had been battling to get her case accepted and once she found you, her case was accepted. She was able to get the medical treatment that she needed to move on with her life. It was so hard living in pain, having a doctor telling me that I needed surgery and the OWCP not approving it.

You explained what had to be done and provided an outline of what would be done. You got my case expanded for another condition and surgery was approved and completed. This was done within 6 months of hiring you. Thank you so much. You said you would fight for me and you did. For others, he is the real deal!

— Eunice S., FL

Dear Marie and Lonnie Boylan,

Thank you for the attention given to my OWCP case. I am sure this would not have been attained without your assistance. Your firm worked diligently to assure my Schedule Award was granted. I praise you; I had worked on this case with lawyers and multiple representatives for several years. They all promised great results; however, the end result was naught and my case had fallen through the cracks yielding no response and the communication became redundant. When I was about to give up, I found your firm on the internet. You told me up-front what to do and what to expect. I recommend this company highly.

I never laid eyes on them because we communicated per email, text and phone. You got the job done. My settlement was 40%. I would have never gotten it without you.

Thank you again and again,


— Janyce I., TX

The day that I found you and called you, I was in tears. I had hired an attorney who would never return my phone calls, was charging me $250.00 an hour and was getting nowhere with my case. My attorney kept telling me that my doctor’s medical was not sufficient in order to get my case accepted but all he did was to keep telling me that he needed better medical.

When I first spoke to Mr. Boylan, I knew that I had found gold. Mr. Boylan did not just tell me to go to my doctor and get new medical; he provided my doctor with the FECA requirements that had to be met in order to get my case accepted. Mr. Boylan, you and your wife got my case accepted.

You then assisted with the process of getting my surgeries approved which have been numerous. One day, I hope to be able to go back to work and you said you would be there through the vocational rehabilitation process. I have not seen a testimonial on your website talk about how many hours you work on a case. Mine has taken you well over 100 hours and you charged on a flat fee basis which included working all those hours for an amount of money that is far less than that $250.00 an hour my attorney was charging me.

The Lord puts people in your life for a reason; I am so thankful you and Mrs. Boylan were put in mine. Thank you truly.

— Kimberly T., WA

I am so glad that I found Boylan and Associates. I was one of those that had retained an attorney on contingency but was getting nowhere with my schedule award. I ran across this firm on the internet and was impressed by other testimonials that I had read.

I was extremely skeptical but decided to have Mr. Boylan represent me. First, I found out that the attorney that I retained on a contingency fee basis was getting 30% of my schedule award illegally. Mr. Boylan explained that the FECA law did not allow for attorneys to get a percentage of a claimant’s schedule award nor work a case on contingency. I had no idea.

The only reason I phoned Mr. Boylan is because my attorney would never respond to my phone calls or emails. Am I glad that he didn’t because I hired Mr. Boylan on a flat fee basis of $2,000.00. Today, we found out that my award is over $100,000.00. If I had not fired that first attorney and retained Mr. Boylan, that attorney would have taken over $30,000.00 for himself.

I wanted to warn others out there about these kind of attorneys. Boylan and Associates are honest and nice people. I needed my money and they did not steal from me. I am so grateful to God for this humongous blessing. God Bless You and Lonnie for making this happen for us. I will remember everything that you all did for us, for the rest of my life. You both stay safe. I will keep in touch!!!!

— Lily S., TN

Mr. Boylan, You have no idea how much weight has been lifted off of me. I feel that God led me to you in a very dark time of despair. I so appreciate your understanding and thank you so much for winning for me.

— Margaret, VA

Sometimes right choices are hard, I found that you are the right choice.

— Mary, Houston, TX

Thank you so much for your kindness, just a few kind words can make a world of difference in a person’s day. I hope you and Mr. Boylan understand how much it means to me to have people that genuinely care about me. I was also one of those that previously had an attorney who would not take my phone calls or respond to my emails.

Mr. Boylan, since taking my case about 3 months ago, has gotten a surgery approved that my last attorney could not, has gotten me paid for my dependents which the OWCP refused to pay me and my attorney said was not his job to do.

Anyone skeptical about these two people, just call and talk to them. You will then see why I wanted to be one of those in Mr. Boylan’s testimonials. I thank you both for walking with me during this journey.

— Michelle, SC

You did it for me, Mr. Boylan! I want people to know that you know what you are doing and get it done. You did not win once for me but won twice for me. The time that you spent on my case far surpasses the flat rate fee amount that you charged me.

I tried and tried to get my case accepted and nothing that I could do or my doctor could do would get it accepted. I found you on the internet and that was the best thing that I ever did. I could tell by just talking to you on the phone that you would do what I could not. Yes, you got my case accepted. Then, they would not pay me for a period of time. I remember when you sent me a copy of the letter that you sent to the claims examiner demanding a formal decision on that denial, I knew I did not have to worry. You appealed that with a reconsideration and got that won.

I was low on money and scared to hire anyone. I nearly didn’t but paying with monthly payments helped me to hire the best.

Thank you Mr. Boylan. I will always be grateful.

— Reed

Thank you Mr. Boylan. You did what 3 OWCP representatives before you could not get done. The last one was an attorney who took me on contingency but he never got anything done. Then, you told me that what he was doing was illegal. How could anyone trust him?

You helped one of my co-workers and won her case so she recommended you to me. No-one could ever get the OWCP to pay for my surgery or the time that I was off to recuperate and it had been two years. I hired you and within one month, I received a bank deposit for thousands of dollars. It took you 3-½ weeks to do what 3 others could never get done. I was angry at the world when I talked to you but you were so kind and patient.

Boy, will I pass your name along. Just glad my co-worker passed your name along to me when she did. God Bless!

— Valerie W., Utah

Lonnie, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about my OWCP case. Although, I do feel guilty that you won’t let me pay you for your time. Therefore, I’m sending you a check in the amount of $100. If you choose not to accept this payment for your services, then please donate the money to a charity. Again, thank you for your guidance and generosity. Sincerely,

— David L., Virginia

Thank you Mr. Boylan. You have been a tremendous inspiration to me during these challenging times, since our agency is undergoing major restructuring. Your advice will help me when I meet with my Dr. later this week. Hopefully, we will be able to work it out. Thanks again and I’ll keep in touch.

— Dennis G., Texas

Marie, Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me today. I felt there was no way that I could do this myself, but after talking to you I am ready to give it a shot! You gave me a lot of helpful information and I am already following your advice and trying to get the ball rolling. Not very many people would do what you did for me today and I just want to say that I truly do appreciate it.
Thanks again,

— G. Walker

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We are thankful beyond words. You untangled the nightmare of our life and pulled the rabbit out of the hat! It has been a pleasure working with you!. We will continue to recommend you to any and all who might need your services. Please feel free to use us for a reference at any time. Again, Thank You Lonnie and Marie. Your extreme professionalism and knowledge did not go unnoticed.

— B. and D. King, Alaska

Many thanks to you Lonnie. Your exceptional knowledge and experience were exactly what I needed to hear. God Bless You and Yours.

— Mike R., Florida

Hi Marie & Lonnie: What an all-encompassing, well-stated, amazing, professionally written appeal brief! Thanks so much! All we can do now is wait for the outcome. On another note, I referred another letter carrier to you today. Thanks again,

— Mike S., Indiana

Thank you so much for your advice. I so appreciate the time it took you to respond back to me. I read many positive comments on your website and I value the information you have provided. May God Bless You!

— Penny

Federal employees are very fortunate and blessed to have a firm like Boylan & Associates representing them. As an injured federal employee, I thought that all doors were closed as I continued to get denied and gave up hope. Hiring a big law firm was just too expensive and not within reach. Additionally, a law firm is limited on how much time they can put into a case. I’m glad to say that Boylan & Associates rescued my case. The appeal they put together was simply incredible and better than any big law firm could be together. Thank you Boylan & Associates for everything.

— John Y.

Lonnie, just wanted to take a moment to let you know how glad I am that I found your firm. My experience with Workers Comp, USPS and the Dept of Labor was a rude awakening for me. I needed help navigating a system that seemed to be trying to make my life miserable while trying to recover from a serious injury.

I knew I needed someone who fully understood the bureaucratic nightmare that I faced. I contacted several firms only to be told they would not deal with the post office, or I needed to pay a huge retainer in advance of any appointment. No one seemed to care until I called your office and surprisingly you took my call and spent 35 minutes outlining to me my rights and how to achieve a successful outcome from the often illogical process I was mired in.

We talked several times over the next two weeks and you never billed me for that time. You were helpful, sympathetic and supportive and I always felt that you cared about me as a person, not just a case on your desk. After I retained you, we kept in close contact and I always knew what the next step would be. You told me up front that that this would be frustrating and it was. You also told me to hang in there, don’t give up. And you were right!

Your depth of knowledge during this process impressed me and your tenacity was awesome. I felt like we were the little guys fighting the big guys. And we prevailed! I would not hesitate to refer any of my coworkers or friends to your firm. Thank you and your staff.

— Norma P., Oklahoma

Dear Lonnie and Marie:

I have just been thinking in wonderment as to how many months ago I was nearly ready to just give up on this case altogether. Then, one day I was sitting in the library on the computer and your business just popped up. To me, this was a miracle in itself! Then, I became a client and God provided a way for me to pay your firm. The perfect timing of everything has also been miraculous. Being guided to the right doctors, being able to pay them and so much more. God has shown me that through all and everything, he is here for us!! I am still so filled with amazement and gratitude at all that has already transpired that I just wanted to write and share all of this with you. This entire experience has been an inspiring testimony for me and has helped raise my faith unbelievably.

Have a wonderful day,

— Ms. Raub, CA

Dear Lonnie:

I want to thank you for helping me through this difficult time. You were able to take charge of my case and fight for me. Your expertise and experience was evident in your handling of my case. I am in your debt. Again, my family and I thank you for what you have done and continue to do.

May God Bless You.
With much appreciation

— Myrna C, FL

Mr. Boylan:

My husband has been on workers comp for the past 6 years. At first, I was terrified of all the paperwork and sought out assistance from several attorneys. Of course, their charges were foremost in my concerns, so that was always my first question to them. Then, I asked them what we got for that sizeable chunk of change. I decided after several of these “interviews”, that I didn’t NEED to pay someone to hold my hand, then me do all or most of the work. I did a lot of research on the computer and stumbled onto Lonnie’s website. Several times thru these years, I have gotten to the “I don’t know which way to turn” place. After a quick email to Lonnie, I realized that he was going to be straight-forward and honest with me. He allowed me to continue emailing him. He was always a help, with detailed, useful information and advice. So, Thank You So Very Much! Oh and when I asked him what his “charge” was for email advice… He asked that I make a donation to St. Jude’s Children’s Cancer & Research Hospital in Memphis, TN for whatever amount that I felt was fair.

— Jean D, TN

WOW…..are you SURE you’re not a medical doctor???? That letter was amazing – I have no doubt that the Lord guides your work and He is with us.

Thank you and your wife for the work you do!


There’s a special place in heaven for you. Thank you for everything. God bless you and your wife.
— Susan P.

The letter you wrote to OWCP was a work of art. It lifts my spirits to read. Couldn’t follow much of it, but very professional and quite intense. It must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort. Thank you so very much.

Most Sincerely
— Brian K.

Marie, You and Lon are amazing! Your letters nail it and underscores why federal workers need representation. OWCP is a landmine for the unwary ( and Unrepresented ) injured employee. I have met a few Unrepresented injured employees and I EMPHATICALLY make the case for representation. And I stress the importance of going with someone who understands OWCP’s nuances. And then I relate my own humble story and how happy I am with Boylan & Associates. Thank-you, thank-you, thank you.

— Jack S.

My Name is Edwin and I am writing this testimonial on behalf of Lonnie Boylan. I am a disabled post office mailman. I have been fighting Workmen’s Comp for the last 5 years with no success. I had a lawyer who milked me for the last 3 and half years. I was even charged for the air I breathed every time I was on a call with the lawyer. I found Lonnie from word of mouth. I was told he was a good man and really helps. I contacted Lonnie and spent over 3 hours talking about my case. Lonnie pointed out all the flawed and incorrect ways my lawyer had handled my case.

Lonnie was kind and courteous. He took the time to really help me. I called 9 lawyers and all would answer my questions with more questions and charged me for their time. Lonnie didn’t try to nickel and dime me. Lonnie really understood my problems and he was honest and beyond helpful. I have no problems putting my families’ and my future in his hands. I know a good man when I talk to one and I hope whoever reads this can see it for themselves. What a truly good and trusting man Lonnie Boylan is. Please feel free to contact me anytime.
— Edwin R.

Dearest Marie and Lonnie: Needless to say, you both have literally lifted the weight of the World off our shoulders! We can never Thank You enough!
Most Sincerely,
— Denise & Bryan, Fairbanks, AK

Hello to you both! This is Michelle and may I just say……… YOU ARE MY HERO’S!!!! Every angle has been covered, no stone has been left unturned, every door has been locked, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.
— Michelle W, Manassas, VA

“Just wanted you to know how happy we are that we found you. After dealing with OWCP for 3-1/2 years (with no satisfaction) you sent one letter to them and they decided it was in their best interest to figure out a way to move forward with Mark’s treatment. As you know they said they had cut off Mark’s benefits then they get a letter from you, the best advocate anyone could ask for. We are very impressed with what you have done so far to help us. Thank you for your Christian attitude and outlook on life in general. Thank you and may God Bless.”
— Mark S.

I love it…you are the man! Thank you so much and I’ll work at taking care of my end more promptly.
— Alicia H.

“I have known Lonnie Boylan many years when Lonnie became involved with my Federal Workers’ Compensation claim. I know that I could not have done this without the help of this retired OWCP Claims Examiner. Lonnie knows more than just the FECA, he has experienced the inner-workings of an OWCP District Office that only an OWCP Claims Examiner would have any knowledge of. Lonnie has always been there for me when OWCP has tried to become adversarial. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help with OWCP. There is hope for injured Postal Employees. Call Lonnie and you will find out exactly what I mean.”
— Darin D.

“Now I realize that finding your website was no accident. I was led to it when I really needed help. I was led in a way that I do not truly comprehend but I know that it was by God. I finally feel confident and secure that I am being represented by someone who knows this system and who cares. Thank you so much.”
— Marshan R.

The letter you wrote to owcp was a work of art. It lifted my spirits to read . Couldn’t follow much of it, but very professional and quite intense. It must have taken a tremendous amount of time and effort. Thank you so very much.
Most Sincerely,
— Denise K.

WaHoo! You are great, thanks a bunch. I will call today. I really do not believe this would have happened without you even though in my eyes it should have been cut and dry. Thanks again,
— Earl M.

I printed the reconsideration and hurried off to church this morning. I came home and sat down with a cup of coffee and read through the reconsideration — twice in some parts. It brought actual tears to my eyes. Everything I have gone through with the Claims Examiner and the OWCP was validated and put into that request. I felt as though someone cared enough to put it out there just the way it needed to be said. I am just stuck for words because I am so impressed with your knowledge and skill in being able to put in writing what happened, what did not happen and what should happen now.

You and Marie are a true gift and it is a pleasure working with you both.

— Patty G.

“I hope you don’t mind me emailing you for advice; you seem to know way more than the message “boards” on Federal Soup etc…”
— Mike S.

Thank you very much for your good advice. You helped us navigate through the Department of Labor OWCP. Before we talked to you; we had spent a year with another lawyer and got nowhere. With you we had our schedule award within three months.

Thank you very much. Have a Merry Christmas to you and your sweet wife. And, a prosperous New Year! Sincerely Yours,
— John & Vivian C.

Lonnie is our advocate as well, and would be completely at a loss without him and his wife Marie. During the tough times, as I am the caregiver, he and Marie would pull me through the stress. He is the best and can certainly put into compelling words the pain one endures. Amazing at what he does! We so appreciate his help and patience.
— Dennis M.

Dear Lonnie & Marie,

Words cannot express my gratitude to you both. Thanks to your guidance and direction, I no longer feel like a lost sheep in the OWCP wilderness.

With respect & Appreciation,
— Jeff D.

“Dear Lonnie and Marie: I teared up a few times today thinking what you have done for me and all the years you have worked to learn all you know. THANK YOU BOTH!! Thanks for talking with me, agreeing to represent me and for allowing me to make partial payments ☺.”
— Kristine, S.

“Lonnie, I just wanted to say thank you for speaking with my husband, Gavin D, today. I could visibly see the change in his demeanor and outlook on his situation, as you are the only person in 16 months who has been able to make any sense of the nightmare we have been enduring since his accident and speak with him as someone who truly understands and cares. It is amazing that I found your website after researching night after night on the OWCP topic and trying to figure out what to do next. Thank you for being so readily available, for being real and just for taking his call free of charge. That is unheard of in this day and age! I am sure he will need your expertise again at some point and know he looks forward to speaking with you. Again, many thanks!”
— Deanna, D.

“I so appreciate your knowledge and experience. I feel a big hurdle has been lifted just advising you of where we are on my case or rather cases.”
— Patty, G.

“Thanks Lonnie, I truly appreciate your insight.”
— Bonnie, K.

I just wanted to say thank you for speaking with my husband Gavin today. I could visibly see the change in his demeanor and outlook on his situation, as you are the only person in 16 months who has been able to make any sense of the nightmare we have been enduring since his accident, and speak with him as someone who truly understands and cares.

It is amazing that I found your website after researching night after night on the OWCP topic and trying to figure out what to do next.

Thank you for being so readily available, for being real, and just for taking his call free of charge. That is unheard of in this day and age!

I am sure he will need your expertise again at some point and know he looks forward to speaking with you.

Again, many thanks!
— Gavin D.


I just finished reading the ESI Appeal for the second time. It is an absolutely splendid accumulation of the facts and discrepancies in the ESI request. I now see the vast knowledge and expertise you have and I am so very thankful you are taking care of my case. It does take caring to go thru a file like mine and be able to distinguish fact from fiction and proper procedure.

I’m going to read it a couple more times, I just wanted to let you know my first impression.

Thank you,
— Patty G.

Dear Lonnie & Marie,

Thank you very much for meeting Kenneth and I and for visiting with me as long as you were able. It really was a pleasure to meet you both. Mainly, I want to thank you for the diligent work you are doing on Kenneth’s behalf. To know you are helping him with this battle is such a blessing. Have a good day.
— Kenneth H.

“Lonnie, you should open a second business as a mind reader. Everything you intuited was true and MORE! I will do precisely as you suggest. I now feel confident that I am working with someone who knows exactly what he is doing. I truly can’t thank you enough for your kindness. Truly!!! God bless YOU!! I feel so much better now
— Francis, C

I’m writing this statement on the behalf of a man I considered to be a true friend. Even though I’ve never met him face to face I feel that one does not need to see someone in order to know what type of heart and character a person has. It was a time in my life when I wasn’t sure what would happen to me and my family because I had gotten injured on my job. I asked and looked for advice and prayed for help because I knew that if I could not work, my livelihood was in jeopardy. I then saw an ad on the internet and out of all the ones I looked at something drew me to Boylan and Associates. From the beginning he has been a kind, generous, and caring man and so is his wife. I was able to go back to work and I feel that I will always be grateful to a man who has truly shown how God works through people. He loves his work and I feel it’s not about money to him but because he enjoys helping his fellow man. There are not enough kind words to describe Lonnie Boylan. Sincerely,
— E. Robinson


I wanted to take the time to thank you for taking the time to talk with me. It really meant a great deal! God Bless You and your wife for a great calling!! By the way, Isaiah 40:31 is one of my favorites, especially in times of great trial.

— Chuck L

Hi Marie & Lonnie

What an all-encompassing, well stated, amazing, professionally written brief! Thanks so much!

— Mike S, IN